About Us

We deliver game changing ideas that move people to action, creating value beyond investment.

Media Storm has deep roots in the entertainment industry, having helped 60 + network, cable and theatrical companies achieve unprecedented ratings, box office and brand awareness successes throughout our 15-year history. As entertainment media specialists we understand the environmental and cultural factors that drive awareness, develop preference and create action and apply the expertise to help iconic brands in hospitality, tourism, packaged goods, beverage, fashion retail, healthcare and the non-profit sector exceed sales, bookings and awareness goals everyday.

the way we work

Put Clients’ Business Goals First:
Act as a true partner to deliver success.
Unlock Opportunities to Monetize Assets:
Go beyond the traditional agency model to optimize and leverage all brand resources
Have Fun with Data:
Science + Pop Culture = Big Ideas
Unparalleled Access:
Partnership and barter opportunities with like-minded brands
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Spend Like It’s Our Own:
Media Storm is the 2nd largest independent U.S. Media agency, providing highly targeted, efficient media strategies and activations
Liquid Flight Optimization:
Always on, machine powered insights and optimization to fuel what’s next

Strategic Toolkit

Demand-Creation Planning: Media+
Media+ harnesses the power of analytical insights, predictive modeling and hyper-segmented targeting to bring the media strategy to life and create consumer action. This is where the magic happens - whether it’s driving tune-in, ticket sales, travel bookings, or brand awareness, Media Storm has a proven track record creating events that inspire behavior through idea-led, ROI-driven integrated media planning, execution, optimization and innovation. Core competencies include traditional, digital, social, SEM, mobile and programmatic channels.
Predictive Modeling and Micro-Segment Targeting: JubaPlus
Juba Plus provides Advanced Data and Analytics tools for data mining and predictive modeling to identify demand opportunities and create precise micro-segments. Based on these targets, Juba Plus optimizes the media channel mix and marketing budgets for the greatest efficiency. Currently JubaPlus augments efforts for WEtv, Sundance, Celebrity Cruises, Bowlmor AMF and WGN America.
Fully Transparent & Accountable Programmatic Buying: Ninety9X
Ninety9X is the first 100% transparent programmatic platform delivering Mobile, Display, Video, Social and Television inventory. As an entirely buy side platform, Ninety9X takes no interest in media ensuring no conflict of interest on behalf of our clients. Ninety9X charges a flat percentage on all buys with no hidden costs, no double billing and absolutely no additional undeclared fees, saving clients 40%+. Ninety9X guarantees all media inventory is 100% free of ad-fraud through platform-level integration with the leading security services Integral Ad Science and WhiteOps. Currently 18 of Media storm’s clients buy programmatically through Nintey9X.
Cultural Social Influencer Network: 3Degrees
3Degrees is central to the Cultural Influence Media Storm harnesses for clients, delivering social participation experiences that invite consumers and influencers to join and lead the conversation to drive action. Through its propriety network of influencers across verticals, 3Degrees can activate a network, spark original content creation, manage and optimize against the social data stream and help lead consumers along their journeys of discovery and participation.


As an independent, entrepreneurial agency, we built the model we would want in a partner if we were a client – one that is designed to offer openness and transparency via communications, processes and media billing systems. Media Storm always provides back up for all media placements and invoices and work with our clients to be accountable for our actions. We do not buy media and resell it to our clients at a mark up, nor do we allocate added value earned by one client to another.

As questionable practices began to arise in programmatic media we set out to do it right by creating Ninety9X, the first 100% transparent programmatic platform. Ninety9X offers guaranteed viewability, fraud protection, no hidden costs, transparency on ad placement, no double billing and absolutely no additional undeclared fees – the results save our clients 40%+ and increase ROI significantly. Drop us a line if you’d like to discuss it further.

Our People

Craig Woerz
Managing Partner
Steve Piluso
Executive Director, Head of Media & Integration
John Collins
Managing Director, Broadcast
Yoram Greener
Executive Director, Juba Plus
Michelle Guglielmelli
Chief Talent Officer
Suzanne Jacober
Head of Business Development
Jamie Melecio
Managing Director, Planning
Lisa Moriwaki
Managing Director, Digital
Erin Richards
Managing Director, Ninety9x
Jill Rosenbaum
Managing Director, West Coast
Chad Urice
Executive Director, Analytics & Activation

Our Footprint

Media Storm is a part of Water Cooler Group, a U.S. based integrated marketing holding company.
Media Storm has a national footprint of 200+ team members across offices in NYC’s Soho, LA and CT.