September 28, 2016

DIGIDAY: In the shadow of Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter take potshots

by Sahil Patel

While Facebook plays down the embarrassment of miscalculating average video watch time on its platform, some of its competitors are taking to Advertising Week to tout their advantages over the social behemoth — without naming Facebook specifically, of course.

Read on for a quote from Charlie Fiordalis, Media Storm’s Chief Digital Officer.

September 21, 2016

The Inaugural Media Mixx Employee Training Program Kicks off in NYC

Last week Media Storm launched its first ever Media Mixx training program, aimed at offering employees from all disciplines insight into integrated marketing and communications planning. The program also offered a deep dive into the agency’s vast array of services and tools with practical hands-on learning experiences to maximize the power of each for the strongest outputs for our clients. Representatives from the planning, digital, intent lab (paid social / search) 3Degrees (organic social) and broadcast worlds came together for a week-long session led by our team of Managing Directors. And then of course we celebrated!

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September 12, 2016

AdWeek: How to Fix the Problem When Big Data Fails in Digital Media Planning, by Charlie Fiordalis

Media Storm’s Charlie Fiordalis opines on ‘How to Fix the Problem When Big Data Fails in Digital Media Planning’

Natural systems have a closed loop. Think about a tree: Its roots gather water and nutrients, enabling the tree to grow limbs and leaves that capture sunlight and provide shelter and food for insects and animals. The leaves fall and return nitrogen to the soil, providing nutrients back to the tree’s roots. Take any piece of that out—the water, for example—and the whole system fails.

All digital marketing systems want to have aclosed loop but can’t always achieve one. They don’t fully come alive until they can optimize based on feedback. This symbiosis requires different kinds of talents and skill sets to be in place, just like you need both sunlight and water to make a tree spring to life. Ecommerce has enjoyed closed-loop systems with true ROI optimization for years. You can identify, score, track and optimize leads to your online store with ease.

But, most brand marketers aren’t so lucky.

August 22, 2016

Facebook Business Success Stories: Celebrity Cruises

Smooth sailing with dynamic ads

The luxury cruise line was the first in its industry to launch Facebook’s customizable dynamic ads, achieving a 3X increase in online bookings.
  • 3Xincrease in online bookings
  • 2Xhigher total revenue with dynamic ads than with non-branded keywords in paid search
  • $15.20

Their Story

Making maritime memories

Celebrity Cruises’ fleet of more than 10 ships offers lavish space, fine dining and unbeatable service. With destinations in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the premium cruise line provides vacationers unique cruise and land-based experiences.

Their Goal

Increasing online bookings

Celebrity Cruises wanted its Facebook ads to go beyond simply creating brand awareness and focus on driving real business results: namely, an increase in online bookings, sales and return on ad spend.
August 9, 2016


At Karus Chains we love to keep an eye on everything associated with silver and gold chains for men. And while gold chains are our speciality, we acknowledge, admire and write about all aspects of jewelry.

As an online retailer we take a great interest in how jewelry brands perform online.

We published 2 articles recently where we looked at the online performance of the top jewelry brands and the top watch brands. In both articles we examined the number of followers that these brands have on their social media channels.