December 9, 2016

MarketingDIVE: Automated imagination: How AI and machine-driven technology shaped marketing in 2016


By Peter Adams, Dec. 6, 2016

No, robots didn’t overthrow the industry. More advanced artificial intelligence tools instead showed they might enable marketers to be more creative than ever.

Marketing seemed to step further into a sci-fi future this year through strides made in artificial intelligence, machine learning and automated interfaces. As a result, automation progressed from having a small role mostly via programmatic buying to being an exciting oddity, as shown by the interest in chatbots, to earning a prominent spot as a must-have for marketing’s next era.

….While automated tools have played a prominent role in digital marketing since the early days of ad exchanges, 2016 proved to be a breakout period for their taking over the “rote and reptitive” aspects of business, according to Charlie Fiordalis, chief digital officer at the media buying agency Media Storm.

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October 14, 2016

WSJ: Amazon’s Twitch Angles for More Non-Gaming Advertisers

Service lands deals with big brands, but some marketers remain unsure about live videogame streaming

By Mike Shields, Published October 14, 2016

 Twitch, the live videogame streaming platform now owned by Amazon, has been actively seeking to raise its profile in the advertising industry, luring marketers with the promise of reaching coveted young male consumers.

But the question remains whether the company can convince more conservative mainstream brands to move budgets away from traditional TV into its more unfiltered environment …

…. Charles Fiordalis, chief digital officer at Media Storm, said marketers are definitely attracted to Twitch’s young male viewership, but the site still faces “barriers.”

“Advertisers want a clean, well-lit space for their brand,” he said. Mr. Fiordalis suggested Twitch might follow YouTube’s example of building out a network of brand-safe channels for ad buyers.
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October 7, 2016

DIGIDAY: Apples and oranges: Why a TV viewer does not equal an online video view

By Sahil Patel

A year ago, Yahoo became the first company to live stream a regular-season NFL game all around the world. The broadcast netted 15.2 million unique viewers worldwide. With most Sunday NFL games in the U.S. averaging 10 million to 20 million viewers, Yahoo seemed to have hit a TV-sized NFL audience.

Except it didn’t. If you were to measure Yahoo’s live stream the same way TV is measured, the viewership was far smaller: an average of nearly 2.4 million viewers across the 195-minute live stream….

Media Storm’s Charlie Fiordalis weighs in:

Media Storm is already talking to clients about putting more money in Twitter live streaming. It’s an “area that we’re comfortable taking a risk in,” said the ad-buying firm’s chief digital officer Charlie Fiordalis. “If there is a publisher who can come out there and establish a new conversation in the OTT space, it’s Twitter. I expect them to put up much bigger numbers because they have something that’s actually social TV.”

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October 4, 2016

CNBC: Twitter gets upfront advertising deal with CW and Ford

, published 10/4/16

The CW and Ford have signed the first Twitter Amplify upfront deal, guaranteeing ads on selected videos in CW Twitter accounts.

It marks one of the largest video ad deals for Twitter, at a time when brands are seeking social media video opportunities.

With more people watching content on different devices and looking for second-screen experiences, advertisers want to get in front of the social media audience. Twitter is one of the only social media networks that currently allows ads on its videos, and its Twitter Amplify program lets brands run their ads on specific content categories….

Media Storm CEO Christina Norman weighs in: 

“Every smart client is looking for a holistic approach to their marketing, and it’s not just channel specific,” said Christina Norman, CEO of media agency Media Storm. “We know for a long time that people like to watch television and are online at the same time. It seems like a smart, natural extension.”

Norman, who previously was an executive at OWN and MTV, pointed out that despite the news of cord-cutting behavior, people are still watching television. However, it’s on their own time and on their own devices. She said they’re also spending time online, so getting in front of a Twitter audience could help promote both the shows and the automaker.

“People are on Twitter all the time when they’re not watching the show,” Norman said. “This makes sure they are part of a conversation and reminds them. It’s mutually beneficial [for CW and Ford]. It keeps their consideration high.”

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October 3, 2016

Multichannel News: Ovation Taps Media Storm To Give ‘Versailles’ Royal Treatment

Published 10/3/16

By: R. Thomas Umstead 

Ovation TV has tapped Media Storm, led by cable programming veteran Christina Norman, as agency of record behind a fancy-dressed marketing and promotional campaign for its new dramaVersailles, which debuted Oct. 1.

The series, about the young King Louis XIV of France in the splendor of 17th-century Versailles, is backed by an aggressive cross-platform campaign that uses Media Storm’s JubaPlus audience segmentation analysis platform to reach fans of other lush historical fare.

Norman, whose CV includes stints as CEO of The Oprah Winfrey Network and president of MTV, told The Wire her company is helping Ovation maximize ad and promotional buys. “For these smaller, emerging networks, they have to be surgical with their budgets — they have no room for waste,” she said. “So what a really great analytic platform can give them is that laser-focused targeting that makes sure that an ad is going in front of someone who has a higher propensity to watch.”

Media Storm and Ovation also hosted three invite-only, French themed dinners around New York last week, featuring cast members and producers. Norman’s agency also created a Facebook campaign aimed at consumers interested in French culture. Billy Zane (whose sister, Lisa, sang) and Helen Mirren(aunt of executive producer Simon Mirren) were among the guests.