With the launch of Watch, Facebook is betting on users making the platform less of a passive experience and more of an appointment destination. For content seekers, gone are days of suffering through political rants, baby pictures, and endless noise that populates their feeds. Facebook Watch delivers a much-needed dedicated space for users to discover entertainment content and for creators to speak to them.

The launch of Facebook Watch also continues the trend of Silicon Valley paying top dollar for original programming and, more notably, live sports. Twitter famously dropped $10 million for the rights to stream NFL Thursday Night Football games just last year, a gamble that likely paid off given Amazon’s winning bid of $50 million for TNF’s 2017/2018 season.

What remains to be seen is how Facebook will be monetizing its live and original content and how that revenue will be shared with its creator network. Facebook typically launches new products without advertising capabilities to gauge user response and develop ad offerings that fit the particular product. That being said, it’s no secret that Facebook has been conditioning users to expect and be more receptive to mid-roll advertising within video.

Facebook Watch will provide brand marketers with a new slate of premium video (Humans of New York, MLB, Tastemade’s Kitchen Little) to reach audiences already consuming video content. Facebook Watch also provides an opportunity for brands to flex their creative muscles in non-traditional video lengths and formats. Now is the time to start dusting off your storyboards as sources indicate the launch of ad support in the next 6-9 months.